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About Us



SB was created out of a huge passion for the barbering industry and a vision to train barbers to a high skill level. Here we concentrate on cutting using old school traditional techniques and using them to create current trends. Our motto is to turn out quality not quantity.

Vikki and Sarah have worked together for over 3 years and have a tight working relationship and rapport that will give you an awesome learning experience in a relaxed but professional environment.

We like to keep things fresh and exciting so have brought on board some amazingly talented guest barbers from up and down the country to run workshops as part of your course.

Academy Courses



VTCT Level 2
Certificate in Barbering

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Barbering (QCF) is a qualification that has been specifically designed to develop your barbering practical skills in; the creative art of cutting men’s hair, the specialist work of cutting facial hair and how to offer a good consultation
service for clients.

Here at SB we work as a running barbershop so all your skills are developed at a faster rate. We get a wide variety of live models through our doors daily stretching and challenging you to adapt your newly acquired skills. We teach everyone at their own skill level and
individual needs.

In every class there are beginners, intermediate and barbershop ready students, thus giving you the chance to watch and learn from each other and our trainers a chance to dedicate more time to the newly
enrolled SB students.

Underpinning this qualification you will develop a sound knowledge of health and safety whilst working in the barbering industry. You will also develop a knowledge and understanding of the practical skills learned throughout this qualification.



VTCT Level 3
Certificate in Barbering

The VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Barbering (QCF) is a qualification that has been specifically designed to develop your practical skills to an advanced level through a variety of techniques in the following units; creatively cutting and styling men’s hair and the intricate specialist work of cutting facial hair and
cut throat shaving.

Our working SB barbershop is the perfect place to hone and perfect your cutting, styling and shaving skills, learning from our trainers and also from each other.
We truly believe working together enhances learning.

Underpinning this qualification you will develop a sound knowledge of monitoring health and safety whilst working in the barbering industry. You will also develop a knowledge and understanding of the practical skills learned throughout this qualification through constant discussion and questioning to suit all individual needs.

The purpose of this qualification is to develop your practical skills to an even higher level of occupational ability to enable you to perform your own barbering services. Here at SB we strive to provide a unique learning experience.



sb intense cutting course
1 week intensive course

During the summer we are offering week intense courses here at SB. Beginners course as an
introduction to barbering.

You will learn the basics skills of barbering.

Cut live models every day to work on developing clipper work, scissor work, styling and finishing. Throughout the week you will piece together the pieces of the haircut jigsaw to be able to cut full cuts with little assistance. This course will give you a good base to move on to the next step of your barbering journey.


intermediate barbering course
1 week intensive course

For those who already have existing skills but want to work on more advanced styles and techniques.

Throughout your week you will get to work on live models daily. Here at SB we have a variety of clients who want more advanced cutting and styling. We will work to each individual student’s needs. Some of you may need work on skin fades, some styling, some scissor work the list is endless and here at SB our trainers have more than 50 years’ experience so we are equipped with the knowledge and skill to advance you in your trade.


cut throat shaving course
2 day NVQ UNIT course

Our 2 day shaving course is backed by The Blue beards Revenge. You will receive a shaving kits full of everything you need to start you on your cut throat shaving journey.

You will cut 4-8 live models.

Vik and our guest trainer Brad Cowen (@hbad)
will take you through:

• Health and safety
• Client consultation
• Theory behind shaving
• Setting up working area
• Correct handling and disposal of blades
• Skin Preparation and its importance
• Hot towel application
• Products and their uses
• Correct handling of open razor
• Shaving directions and routine.
• Edging up with a straight razor.


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Our Trainers


Our trainers are all working within the current barbering industry so are up to date with current techniques, styles and trends.  They all bring something unique to the table to give you the best training experience possible.


Vikki Smith

Founder & Lead Trainer

20 years in the industry and an experienced trainer within barbering and a very skilled traditional barber.  Vikki is dedicated to raising the standard of freshly qualified barbers into the industry. She will be with you every step of the way from enrolment, giving you expert tricks of the trade, support and mentoring you throughout your barbering journey.

Sarah jonhson


A highly skilled and passionate barber with 12 years in the business working in thriving barbershops throughout the north east and working alongside Ry Smith of @sbbarbers for the last 5 years as a key member of the SB Crew. Sarah's technical knowledge will help you perfect your technique and skills throughout your training.

ry smith


11 years a barber Ry has raised the standard of the barber shop experience with his vision to create and unique approach and social club barbershop.  With lots of experience barbering at numerous events throughout the UK and Europe he will inspire you to work hard and perfect your skills. As you progress in your training he will guest spot and will show you some invaluable new techniques to widen your skill set. This guys clipper over comb is the next level !!



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Paul Smith.


Paul Smith.

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