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How long are your Level 2 and 3 courses?

Our Level 2 and 3 courses are 8 weeks long, running Tuesday til Friday. 

As a complete beginner, can I do the Level 3 straight away?

The Barbering Qualifications we offer are a tiered system, meaning you would need to complete your Level 2 first if you were a complete beginner to the Barbering Industry!

How often do your courses run?

We run our Level 2 and 3 courses every 9 weeks, with our Week Advanced Skills, Fade Workshop and NVQ Hot Towel Shaving course running in between each of these courses.

How many spaces do you have available on each course?

Depending on availability, there are 12 spaces available per 8 week course. We take pride in the fact that our educators are able to work closely with our students, so we prefer to keep a 4:1 ratio of Students to Educators at all times.

Will I need to invest in my own kit to train with you?

We do provide everything you'll need to do your training while you're with us. However we always say its down to personal preference, so if you feel you'd be more comfortable using your own gear, then sure! Bring it along!

Do you offer any sort of payment plans to pay for the 8 week course?

In order to book onto the course, we need to take a £200 deposit which secures a place with us on the date of your choosing (all course dates can be found on our 'Courses' page). This would be deducted from the price of the course you wish to book on. All we ask is that the remaining balance is cleared before the date you join us.

I have a qualification in hairdressing already, is it possible to go straight onto Level 3?

 With a qualification in Hairdressing, you may be at a certain standard which would allow you to bypass your Level 2 qualification in Barbering. We often require those looking to do so to take a short one-hour Trade Test before coming onto our Level 3 course!

Are your courses funded by the government?

 At this moment in time, the only qualification we offer which can be funded by the SFA is the Level 3 Diploma. Any other course must be self funded!

I’ll be travelling from quite far away, can you provide any accommodation for the course?

We have many students who have travelled from around the U.K and Europe to come and do their training with us, we are fortunate enough to have ties with University of Sunderland Accommodation Services who may be able to provide you with a room for the 8 weeks!

Can I bring my child for a haircut at the Academy?

 For insurance purposes, we only allow children who are age 10+ to book appointments with our students.

How many cuts will I be doing during my time with you?

We can guarantee that you'll likely to do over 100 haircuts during the 8 weeks you're with us! We take pride in the fact we can offer the most realistic working environment while you do your training! It certainly puts all of our students in the best possible position before they go out into the Industry!

Can I do both the Level 3 course straight after I’ve completed my Level 2?

 Depending on availability at the time, we may be able to offer a space on a Level 3 course straight after your Level 2! We do always have a high number of enquiries about courses so spaces are limited!

Is it possible to do your courses part time?

Unfortunately all of our courses are on a full time basis. In order to get the best out of your training time and to be constantly working on your tools, we find that running the courses full time works best for all of our students. 

Do you offer night classes?

Unfortunately night time classes is something we don't offer at this moment in time. We are currently looking into some form of night class option in the future, but at the moment all of our courses run 10 till 5.

Are you open weekends?

Unfortunately we're only open to the general public to book appointments Monday till Friday.

Why do you have to allow an hour for each client?

While we run our Academy like a high street Barbershop, all we ask is that our clients appreciate that their appointment may take a bit longer than in a normal shop. By allowing an hour for appointments, it gives our students the ability to take their time and work closely with each of our trainers.

What makes your academy different to going to college to do the same qualification?

SB Barbering Academy is run like a high street barbershop. We have a city centre storefront shop which runs on an appointment basis. This gives our students the perfect chance to do their qualification in a real working environment, utilizing the time to work on the core basics of barbering. While we still feel that the theory part of the qualification is important, its only working on the tools you'll be using behind the chair that's going to benefit you the most. We prefer to keep our courses about an 80% Practical - 20% Theory split.

I've booked onto a course but somethings come up, is it possible to rearrange to the next course?

By leaving your £200 deposit, you have secured a place on the course of your choosing. Although the deposit is non refundable, we are able to rearrange peoples places under certain circumstances.

Any more questions? Drop us an email!
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